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Payment for Services

The Payment for Services Committee shall be concerned with all matters relating to reimbursement for services from Medicare, Medicaid, and other sources.

John BarberChairman
J. Randal LeeStaff


The Education Committee is concerned with all matters relating to Education appropriate to the needs of the Association Membership. The Education Committee shall assist staff in recommending programs for the membership.

Debra Litton – Chairman
Kim Wilkerson – Staff

Auxiliary Income

The Auxiliary Income Committee evaluates and seeks proposals from companies desiring to be an endorsed vendor of the Association. Products and services should be of the highest quality, commonly used by all members and made more affordable by group purchasing. Endorsed vendors must be members of the Association.

Rickie Shearer – Chairman
Kelly Garrett – Staff

DHEC Advisory

The DHEC Advisory Committee shall be concerned by all regulatory matters administered by the Department of Health and Environmental Control and CMS.

Sonya Foster – Chairman
Kim Wilkerson – Staff

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee reviews current and proposed legislation before the South Carolina General Assembly. The Committee develops positions on legislation to be recommended to the Executive Board. The Committee may also develop legislation on behalf of the membership or seek amendments to legislation that could improve or reduce the impact on facilities and residents.

Bill Biggs– Chairman
J. Randall Lee – Staff


The Budget Committee shall be concerned with all organizational matters of a financial nature, including, but not limited to, preparation of an annual budget, recommendations or resolutions adopting the expenditure of monies.

Karl Eleazer– Chairman
Kelly Garrett – Staff 


The Convention Committee shall be concerned with all matters relating to the planning for the annual convention and trade show.

Tammy Gibbs– Chairman
Kim Wilkerson – Staff 
Jessica Gunnells – Staff 
Kelly Garrett – Staff 

Constitution and Bylaws

The Constitution Committee shall be concerned with all organizational matters relating to Association incorporation, constitution, regulations, resolutions, together with those concerning credential certification and rules of other subordinate bodies of the Association

Patricia Lee– Chairman
J. Randal Lee – Staff 

Quality Initiative

The Quality Initiatives Committee shall provide leadership and resources for membership in continuing improving quality standards for residents and to assist members in quality initiatives.

Karl Eleazer – Chairman
Kim Wilkerson – Staff