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◂  November 2020

Authorized Voting Delegates

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During the Membership Meeting Conference Call on December 1st at 10:00 AM, elections for the SCHCA Board of Directors will be held. The Association office keeps on record each member facility’s authorized voting representative and alternates. A representative must be on file in our office in order to vote at any election. The number of votes per facility is determined by the number of beds.

If you have any changes, just joined or rejoined the Association, or if you would simply like to update your alternates, fill out the form below. Although we are are aware of some of the obvious changes needed, we are not authorized to make those changes.

These forms will be used to indicate your current voting delegates as stated in the South Carolina Health Care Association Constitution and By-Laws – Article IV, Section 6, Voting. Article IV, Section 6 Voting reads: “The official representative should be a designated delegate or alternate as recorded on record at the South Carolina Health Care Association.”


Sorry. This form is no longer available.

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